Surge Suppression Solutions

SMS door open angledPrevent lost revenue by using Power Integrity’s Surge Suppression Solutions to protect your equipment from costly downtime and failures. Sensitive electronic equipment can be damaged by overvoltages known as transients, and over time eventually fail. Transients can be caused by external sources (lightning and power system faults) and internal sources (the constant switching on and off of equipment including pumps, HVAC, coolers, freezers, etc).

For AC power protection of multiple circuits, Power Integrity’s Surge Management System (SMS) provides individual surge modules for each piece of equipment or circuit. Standard designs are available with 6-, 9-, or 12-surge modules.

  • Each module is dedicated to a single circuit
  • Each module has an easy-to-replace fuse
  • Indicator light for operating condition status
  • Heavy-duty components for maximum surge protection
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Point-of-Sale Data Circuit Protectors (DCP) are available to protect the low voltage network lines between the distribution box and the system controller or point-of-sale terminals.

Dispenser Data Circuit Protectors (DCP) are available to protect the low voltage network lines connecting the distribution box to the dispenser.  

  • DCP’s can be configured in RS-485, current loop, or a combination of the two depending on the equipment
  • Kits are available for major dispenser manufacturers and multiple point-of-sale systems
  • DCP’s do not protect 120V AC power circuits
  • Documents/downloads/pictures links

Telephone Line Protectors (TLP) protect card readers, modems, computers, FAX machines, and other telephone communications devices.