Generator Connection Solutions

generator connectorWhen a power outage occurs, Power Integrity’s Generator Quick Connect Solution provides safe and fast connection between the generator and the electrical distribution system. A secure cable connection is critical and this solution allows the generator cables to be locked into place after connecting them to the switch.  This switch is designed to switch from Utility to Off to Generator and can be padlocked in each position. The switches are mutually exclusive and cannot both be closed at the same time. This prevents feeding generated power out to the utility wires which could injure utility line workers and could also cause the generator to become overloaded. It also prevents paralleling utility and generator sources when utility power is restored which could damage electrical equipment.

  • UL listed
  • Meets NEC® requirements
  • Receptacle compartment safety interlocks
  • Utility isolation without key interlocks
  • Exclusive trap door system
  • Outdoor N-3R enclosure
  • Cam-Lok receptacles
  • Service Entrance rated
  • 200A to 800A, 3 Pole, 240VAC available ratings
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