Dispenser Control Systems

PCS door open angledThe Power Integrity Petroleum Control System (PCS) is a standardized solution for fuel controls.  It is designed to provide emergency stop controls for dispensers and submersible pumps that complies with NEC® 514.11 and NFPA® 30A section 6.7 requirements. Our PCS also provides a disconnect means to each individual dispenser during periods of maintenance and service that complies with NEC® 514.13.

The PCS provides dispenser hook signal isolation that prevents issues caused when cross phasing dispensers when wired correctly. Dispenser handle isolation provides discreet isolated inputs for each pump handle return line thus eliminating the possibility for voltage feedback. 

  • UL listed
  • Provides pump isolation controls and includes pump status lights
  • Includes a tank monitor interface
  • Factory tested so you know it works like it’s supposed to work when it gets to the jobsite
  • Factory assembled and pre-wired to save installation costs and valuable wall space
  • Documents/downloads/pictures links

**NEW**  Power Integrity now offers our Petroleum Control System with an integrated dispenser low voltage disconnect.  Our PCS+LVTM provides all the features and benefits of the PCS and the DDS in a single enclosure. 

  • Saves space
  • Saves installation labor
  • UL listed
  • Base offer includes dispenser data and card reader low voltage disconnects
    • Options for intercom and video low voltage disconnects
  • Standard catalog numbers for 4-, 6-, and 8-dispensers and 4 pumps
  • Custom configurations available - contact Power Integrity

Power Integrity’s PowerGate solution allows power to be remotely cycled to dispensers (or any connected device). This reduces downtime and costly service calls by providing the ability to cycle power from any internet connected web browser, including smart phones, tablets and laptops.

  • Available as a standalone device or can be integrated into a Power Integrity control panel
  • Up to 10 connected devices per control board
  • Does not interfere with normal store operations
  • Documents/downloads/pictures links